Planning our next production

We have now completed the sequence of productions which were all originally conceived either during or shortly before the years of lockdown. Zigzag, Top Girls, The Plague, and now The Cherry Orchard, have all, in their delightfully contrasting ways, been tremendous successes. Each was a huge enterprise in its own right, dominating months of the lives of al the people principally involved. That is the nature of amateur dramatics, and that is why we go on doing it. It is an enormous enhancement to life.

The tradition of the Fringe is that any members are free to suggest a play which they are enthusiastic about, and preferably one they are prepared to direct. When there are more than one such proposal, and when the necessary readings and/or presentations have been completed, we take a simple vote. Since the demolition of Amery Hill Drama Studio, our principal home for many years, we have to find a venue for each production, and then find a time when it is available. In the case of the Wessex Arts Centre, which did us so proud for The Cherry Orchard, this inevitably has to be out of term time. That is why these performances were at half term when many people are away. That of course makes it all the more gratifying that we got such large and responsive audiences for the three nights.

So the process of selecting our 2024 production, or productions, begins at the Cherry Orchard wash-up meeting on Tuesday 31st October.

Watch this space....

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