We are very excited to be presenting the Fringe's first Chekhov - 26th-28th October 7:30pm Wessex Arts Centre, at Alton College.

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The Plague - mission accomplished

Dr Rieux (Simon Brencher) shares his agony with the audience.

Conceived by Steve Gerlach and adopted as our next production by The Fringe three months before the COVID pandemic - that other plague - struck, this production, after three long and extraordinary years is at last accomplished.

Audiences emerged from the three performances moved - sometimes to tears - and deeply impressed by the quality of the production. You will find a gallery of Ian Dumelow's superb dress-rehearsal photographs, and Peter Allwright's wonderfully insightful review on the dedicated page HERE

And now we press on to the October half-term production of Chekhov's classic, The Cherry Orchard, specially adapted for Alton Fringe Theatre by Mike Biddiss, it will be directed by Louise Biddiss, a founder member of the Fringe, who previously directed memorable productions of Great Expectations and Simon Applegarth's Wind in the Willows. For The Cherry Orchard we return to the Studio at the Wessex Arts Centre, Alton College.

Casting for is still open and we would love to welcome anyone interested in taking part in any capacity, on or off the stage, to join this open and friendly group. But hurry, workshops begin in a very few weeks.

The Plague in rehearsal

Surety the question - plague or not? Dr Rieux (Simon Brencher) Cottard (Joseph de Peyrecave) Mr Grand (Rod Sharp) Jean Tarrou (James Willis) Ray Raybert (Cath Rerlach)

The cast for The Plague consists of the five named characters (above) and the chorus. We are now in the final phase of rehearsals.

This is proving to be a cleverly written and extremely moving play which will be a considerable emotional experience for all of us. As well, needless to say, as the audiences.

Details and link for tickets on the production page here

Emerging from the Pandemic years in good heart

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We have emerged from the pandemic years with two successful live productions under our belt, first ZigZag - our own Simon Applegarth's celebration of the life of Gilbert White of Selborne. Taking the form of a voice drama, he wrote it originally for Whites' 300th anniversary in 2020, but after a series of delays due to the pandemic it was eventually staged this summer, first in Alton and then in the barn at White's home in Selborne, The Wakes.

And then came Top Girls - directed by Cath Gerlach and being spoken of as one of the best things the Fringe has ever done.

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