Alton Arts Festival - July 2024

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Breaking the Code - Nov 2024

Our next full production will be Hugh Whitemore's powerful portrayal of the life of Alan Turing, the mathematical genius who played a key role in cracking the Enigma code and shortening the Second World War.

Performances will be in November - details to follow.

The Cherry Orchard - Oct 2023

A triumph for Director Louise Biddiss with her bold and clear conception of how this play could be realised in the Fringe's characteristically intimate style. Through her skilful management of the rehearsal period she inspired exceptional early commitment from the cast and created a particularly happy and productive atmosphere throughout.

Michael Biddiss' special adaptation enabled the humour of Chekhov's 'comedy' to shine through in a way which delighted, and often surprised, the audiences.

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Sarah Castle-Smith as Lyuba Rayenevskya

The Plague
30th March - 1st April 2023

A powerful and timely production

Dr Rieux (Simon Brencher) shares his agony with the audience.

Conceived by Steve Gerlach and adopted as our next production by The Fringe three months before the COVID pandemic - that other plague - struck, this production, after three long and extraordinary years is at last accomplished.

Audiences emerged from the three performances moved - sometimes to tears - and deeply impressed by the quality of the production. You will find a gallery of Ian Dumelow's superb dress-rehearsal photographs, and Peter Allwright's wonderfully insightful review on the dedicated page HERE

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