Welcome to our new Website

Under the sympathetic guidance of local web-consultant Joanne Champion we now have a flexible, modern site which we will be able to update for ourselves in the future.

In addition to its central function of providing details of upcoming productions and other activities of the group, we are building here an archive of our extraordinary past, incorporating material such as photographs, cast lists and reviews for major productions. It will take time to to fill in all the gaps and do justice to the amazing range we have mounted over the 30+ years of the Fringe's existence. So do call back from time to time and see how we are getting on.

Emerging from the Pandemic years in good heart

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We have emerged from the pandemic years with two successful live productions under our belt, first ZigZag - our own Simon Applegarth's celebration of the life of Gilbert White of Selborne. Taking the form of a voice drama, he wrote it originally for Whites' 300th anniversary in 2020, but after a series of delays due to the pandemic it was eventually staged this summer, first in Alton and then in the barn at White's home in Selborne, The Wakes.

And then came Top Girls - directed by Cath Gerlach and being spoken of as one of the best things the Fringe has ever done.

The next production will be The Plague, to be performed at Amery Hill School on March 30th, 31st & April 1st. Rehearsals are under way and we are excited by the potential of this powerful play.

About Us

Alton Fringe Theatre formed in 1988 when a diverse and talented group found themselves working together for an Alton Arts Week ‘all-comers-welcome’ production of Murder in the Cathedral, under the inspiring direction of Patrick Sandford.

Interested In Joining?

Alton Fringe Theatre is a local theatre group who take members from the age of seventeen upwards. There are no fees or subscriptions, just a willingness to get involved and contribute to whatever the group decides as the next project.