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See bottom of this page for important parking information (repeated on tickets)

About the play

The Cherry Orchard is one of the world’s best-loved plays, in which Anton Chekhov entwines Comedy and Tragedy – humour and sadness – at every turn.

The ailing orchard at the heart of Lyuba Ranyevskaya’s estate stands as symbol of a dissolving social order. There her state of self-deluding confusion is shared, in various ways, by the rich gallery of other characters whom Chekhov displays around her. Generally bewildered and sometimes even eccentric, they range from idealistic youth to crumbling old age and from those absorbed with future ambitions to those ensnared only in past memories. Above all, their varied emotional experiences in the face of social transformation have a timeless and universal quality that allow audiences to recognise on stage something of themselves – their own hopes, fears, and dilemmas.

Ever since its first performance in 1904 this play has proved to be a perennial delight, enduring both in relevance and reputation. Alton Fringe Theatre is proud to be presenting a work of such rich humanity.

Important parking information

Please park in the main College car park GU34 2HU accessed via Nursery Road and Edward Road - not the small one inside the Old Odiham Road entrance.
Once parked walk to the steps at the top left hand corner of the car park and follow the footpath left in front of the college buildings. When you reach the College entrance the Wessex Arts Centre is immediately next on the right. Please allow at least 5 minutes for the walk.
These instructions are repeated on the tickets.

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