Membership Enquiries and General Feedback

Feedback on shows and enquiries about membership are always welcome and should be directed by email to Steve Gerlach at

Interested In Joining?

Alton Fringe Theatre is a local theatre group who take members from the age of seventeen upwards. There are no fees or subscriptions, just a willingness to get involved and contribute to whatever the group decides as to the next project.

We like people who are thinking of joining us to have seen one or more of our productions. They are characteristically intimate, low-budget and small in scale. We choose works by well-known and less-well-known playwrights, as well as writing some of our own material, including semi-staged voice dramas and programs of readings for anniversaries and other events. A full list of past productions is here.

Typically lovers of the professional theatre, we aim to reach as close to professional standards as possible. Over the years this has earned us a loyal and discriminating following.

The main criteria for choosing a play to perform is that it should be well-written and that somebody wants to direct it. Thus a large proportion of us have taken their turns at directing. And of course we need people to take supporting and back-stage roles as well.