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2018 Alton Fringe Theatre

So now all our energies are going into preparations for the imminent production of John Osborne’s powerful and remarkably contemporary play Luther.

With a strong cast and original music from Michael Orchard and his on-stage Froxfield Choir, this is shaping up to be another highlight of what is now almost 30 years of The Fringe.   Which said, the Luther cast includes four founder members.

November 2018

Our commemoration of 1918, timed just two days before Armistice Day, was much appreciated by our audiences.

Ian Dussek and Michael Biddiss produced a fresh and thought-provoking script while Barbara Rayner chose, not to mention starred in, an excellent group of songs from the period.  Newcomer Patrick Busby’s sensitive and spirited piano playing was an invaluable addition.

The ending was beautifully staged by Director Tim Guilding whose own solo verses of the song Only Remembered were profoundly moving.