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2016 Alton Fringe Theatre

Following a busy 2016, which saw productions of The Wind in the Willows, King Lear and three readings of The Waste Land we now go into our play selection process for the new year.   In the coming weeks we will be reading a variety of works, in the hope that one will emerge as our next full scale production.


   Meanwhile, we will be reprising The Waste Land at Farnham library on 8th March and in Basingstoke on 6th April, plus a contribution to Alton's Regency Week by reading extracts from Sanditon, Jane Austen's unfinished novel, at The Alton House Hotel on June 23.


    Revisit this website for future updates, to contact us, or via the [Productions] tab (above) to see photos and information about past Fringe productions.


Tim Guilding, Chairman

and for our next act…