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2018 Alton Fringe Theatre

Following a busy 2016, which saw productions of The Wind in the Willows, three readings of The Waste Land, and a full production of King Lear to mark the Shakespeare anniversary 2017 was a relatively fallow year for the Fringe, with further readings of the Waste Land at public libraries, An Excursion to Sandition during Jane Austen Regency Week, and Tim Guilding’s innovative play for voices telling The Story of Sweet Fanny Adams.


Members have had a very enjoyable time reading a number of plays and making plans for the future, which currently include further performances of The Story of Sweet Fanny Adams, another evening for the Jane Austen Regency week, and a fully staged play in the autumn, probably John Osborne’s Luther. Negotiations for performing rights and performance arrangements are currently under way


February 2018




The state of plays…