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2019 Alton Fringe Theatre

And now all our energies are going into preparations for the imminent production of  Macbeth

2018 finished with Steve Gerlach’s production of John Osborne’s powerful and remarkably contemporary play Luther. This featured music specially written by Michael Orchard and performed by members of his Froxfield Choir. Further details, pictures and a review of this production are HERE



This summer, 2019, Tim Guilding produced our first Restoration Comedy - William Congreve’s The Way of The World.

A long play, with a notoriously unfathomable plot and difficult (to say the least) language, this presented challenges for audience and performers alike.  Which both surmounted triumphantly.


It was a minimalist production except for truly sumptuous costumes, it was often hilariously funny, and  was hugely appreciated by discerning audiences.



The Way of the World
The Way of the World
Click image for pictures and review
October 2019