2019 Alton Fringe Theatre

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Performances:  Nov 27 to 29 Inclusive.
at Wessex Arts Centre, Alton College

Audition workshops
Tuesday July 23rd 7.30 - 9.30pm
Or Saturday Aug 3rd 10.00am - Noon.
Both at Amery Hill School; Dance Studio.

We will explore the play briefly, with initial thoughts on themes, costumes etc. There will be a few group activities and then those who wish to perform will read a few scenes   There can be a huge range of parts, or not many. The play affords plenty of scope for non-speaking roles as well as superb characters for those who love the challenge. The workshops will be all very low key and relaxed.
Come and explore Shakespeare 's rich text, expand a few lines into a complex character and create a whole new world to enthral audiences. Or just listen and watch.
A backstage team will also be essential to ensure the smooth running of this production; props especially. Think 'smoke and daggers' plus a few gallons of blood!

Rehearsal dates and venue
Rehearsals start Thursday Sept 19th. We will hold two rehearsals a week, probably our usual Tuesday evening at 7.30 till 9.30, plus Thursday evenings, same times. I will only call cast members once a week initially, until nearer the performance.  
Rehearsals in the performance theatre will be held on Saturday Nov 16th and Saturday 23rd. Both 09.00 to 17.00.
The Tech rehearsal will be Monday evening Nov. 25 and the Dress Tuesday evening 26th.
We are using Amery Hill school dance studio.  A large room plus a small area next door.

Chris Chappell   Director

Shakespeare's most gripping tale of the lust for power and the over-whelming drive to murder, not only a King, but others who threaten personal ambition.
But does the acquisition of kingship bring a celebration of success or the agony of a tortured soul?
What drives someone to invite, or allow, powers of darkness into their soul, in order to secure their destiny? And conversely, how would you react when your hero turns tyrant?
Watch as a kingdom is broken and at war with itself. Sit in suspense and see how Shakespeare weaves hope and lust, witches and spells, evil and good into a mesmerising theatrical performance.