2018 Alton Fringe Theatre

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Wessex Arts Theatre
(at Alton College)

Power & corruption, faith & doubt, commitment & betrayal, egos & consciences, Europe on the edge of a tumultuous split… sounds familiar? In Osborne’s Luther we encounter all of these issues which, while focusing on the life, works, beliefs and struggles of the 16th century reformer Martin Luther, could easily apply to our situation now. Alton Fringe Theatre’s bold new production brings Luther’s struggle with the world, the church and his own psychological state into a contemporary setting.

Osborne’s Luther, first performed, to critical acclaim, in 1961, examines the struggles that Martin Luther has with his own conscience, his tortured self-doubt, his obstinacy, his problem accepting authority. Therefore, the events leading up to and through what we may now term the ‘Reformation’ are intimately connected by Osborne with Luther’s psychology and beliefs. The play charts episodes in Luther’s life from his induction into the Augustine religious order, through his conflict with his father, conflict with the Pope, his campaign against ‘indulgences’, to the formulation of his new theology and his eventual split with the Catholic church.

This new production features a strong cast and original music by Mike Orchard, specially commissioned for AFT’s production. Expect intensity, power and humour!

TICKETS £10 (£8 under 19) from Wildly Upbeat Printers, or  ticketsource.co.uk/alton-fringe-theatre